Our Purpose

The ‘Woman In White’ Campaign seeks to educate and create awareness about uterine fibroids, and the impact of this condition on millions of women around the world. Uterine fibroids are curable, and we believe women deserve to know about the treatment options available to them.

Our Journey

We want to inspire public awareness through social media and public events, led by experts in the field.  Through our work, we wish to promote best quality care for women with fibroids. Our events are free to attend, with an open door policy for all.

Become a Sponsor

We are looking for non-conditional funding by industry and partners to sponsor future Women In White educational events. Do you share our vision and want to educate more South African women about fibroids?

Fibroids are a major women’s health issue in southern Africa. are more prominent for women of African descent. are a potentially debilitating medical condition.

Why White?

We acknowledge the anxiety and dread linked to heavy, painful periods. Wearing the colour white is a brave step that symbolises the new found freedom that is possible post treatment.

Many of our patients— who have avoided wearing white for years— can now step out into the world in white, without fear of judgment!

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