Privacy Policy

    1. The Personal Information that is collected, processed and stored will depend on how you interact with us and which information you choose to supply. It is likely to include but is not limited to your name, contact number, identity number/date of birth, marital status, occupation, email address, postal address, physical address, contact preference, employer details, referring doctor, medical aid scheme details, medical aid number, referring doctor, your medical information, your medical history, your family medical history, information pertaining to your sex life, your surgical history, questions relating to your HIV status, medication you are currently taking or have taken in the past, in order for us to give you the appropriate medical care and treatment.
    2. We may also collect Personal Information about your feedback on the medical procedures that you have received from (i) specialist doctors referring you to us and (ii) the doctors at The Microsurgery and/any actions you take, as part of any research or campaign for us, or events that you register for or participate in, and details from any interactions with our Team.
    3. We will always only process and store your Personal Information within certain criteria, some examples of which are as follows:
  • To keep an accurate medical record of yourself: (i.e. all medical and consent forms completed by yourself, all your blood test results, all your Covid test results, all radiological imaging pertaining to you, all your medical reports, ward notes, prescriptions for medication, quality of life assessments post procedures, HIV status, sick letters, etc.).
  • To contact you with a query or information you have requested.
  • To process your Personal Information and send it on to the Hospital where you are being admitted and having the applicable medical procedure(s) done.
  • To process your Personal Information and send it on to your Medical Aid for authorisation of your procedure(s).
  • To communicate with you about your medical procedure and appropriate treatment.
  • To let you know about our latest news, updates (if applicable) and share with you how we can offer further healthcare services to you in future. We’ll only contact you if you’ve given us permission to do so. All communication is voluntary on your part, and you can notify us at any time, if you don’t want us to contact you again, subject to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (“HPCSA”) guidelines and ethics.